Home Barbering: A Guide to British Men's Haircuts

Home Barbering: A Guide to British Men's Haircuts

Varieties of British male haircuts

Depending on the character of a man and his lifestyle, it is possible to choose a hairstyle that will meet all his needs and will not require special efforts.


The long part of the haircut is about 50 mm, usually styled on the side. The lines are straight, equal horizontally, the hair strands are not texturized.


Smooth transition from short lower strands to longer strands on top. This is the most comfortable type of haircut, which does not require long styling process, so the sporty style is the most suitable solution for men with an active lifestyle.



This style is suitable for men with curly hair. Although this haircut looks very beautiful, but you must be prepared that you will have to style your curls every day to make the hairstyle look neat.



Such a haircut is characterized by a graduated straightness of straight lines without texturizing. This style of the haircut only suitable for owners of straight hair.


This is a kind of style without rules, rather even, the fewer rules, the better.  A lot of transitions, irregularities and even bright colors - a distinctive feature of this style. This kind of the haircut is ideal for creative people who will be able to fantasize and express their personality through an unusual style.

Which type of face does the British haircut suit?


Such a haircut can be safely called universal. It is not only suitable for different types of face, but will also emphasize your individuality. For a heart-shaped, oval or triangular shape of the face the haircut will look absolutely different, probably this is the secret of its popularity.

Hair types

Ideal for the "British" are thick hair. Guys with thin hair can also do this haircut, but you need to remember that you will have to style it with a hair dryer and styler every day.

For curly hair this hairstyle is also suitable, in addition, it will create an image of nonchalance and romanticism.


Hair cutting technique


You will need:


Water sprayer



Hair clips

Electric hair clipper with 60 and 30 mm attachments
Texturizing scissors



Separate the parietal part of hair, which should remain long, and fix it with a clip on the top of the head.

Take a hair clipper with 60 mm attachment and start cutting. 

Work the hair clipper smoothly from bottom to top without pulling it away or turning it.

If you make only straight movements, it will create an even cut. In this way remove the hair around the entire circumference, then you will get a ‘cap’ or transition part of the hair.

Now it is time to use 30 mm attachment, which will create a smooth transition to the ‘cap’, but you need to work a little differently. At the very beginning, press the machine against your head, and then abruptly pull the machine away at the distance you planned (it is usually around 2 fingers above your ears. Do not be tied to the distance of 2 fingers from the level of the ear, take it as a reference point, but choose a transition that will look the most organic, consider the shape of the head, then you will get a smoother transition, and you will avoid a sharp edge between levels.

It is also safer to press the ear down so that you don't accidentally nick it while cutting.


If there is a dimple at the back of the head, you should lower your shoulders and tilt your head forward, then this area will be level, and you will be able to process it better.

After that, take a razor and remove the excess hairs along the contour of the hairstyle.



Now you need to make a smooth transition to the hairline, which we called a ‘cap’.

Grab small strands with two fingers. The palm is in the position above the head, and the middle and index fingers look down, run your fingers to the ends of the strand and cut the uneven corners, so you will create a natural gradient.

Next, use a pair of texturizing scissors on the ends. For this, you will also need a comb. Work your way up from the bottom and texturize only the hair ends. Work carefully with the scissors, they can cut off quite a large piece of strand.


The long part of the hair


Remove the clip and lightly wet the fringe with water. In order to trim this part, comb it forward and divide it with parallel partings of about 2 cm, alternately lifting them up. You need to decide on the length and cut all strands, comparing them with the first one.

How to determine the length of the long part?


Try styling your long section back and side, then you will see what length works best for you.

Once you've achieved the perfect length, re-gather the long section with a clip and see if there are any short hairs left above your forehead.

If there are short hairs, separate them from the main part, usually about 1 cm. Then cut them off with a clipper to create an even cut.

 Now let's go again to the long part, take texturizing scissors and process neatly the ends to make the hairstyle look more lively. Separate the strands and texturize the ends as you did with the transition piece.




Sporty, military, classic and asymmetrical British haircut, can change depending on the styling and create a new look every day.

Here are some ways of styling and the products that will help to realize it.


Styling to the side


Apply styling product to the long part and style it with a dryer and a large styling hairbrush. You can experiment with the left and right side, the haircut allows it.

Styling to the back


Apply a styling product on damp hair and dry the hair with a hair dryer, slicked back. You can also let the hair dry on its own, periodically reminding them of the desired direction.

Upward bangs


For this style, you will need a lot of hairstyling products with strong fixation. Apply the product to damp hair and dry with a dryer strands by strands, pulling each individual strand upwards. Too long hair is not suitable for this style.


Products for styling British male haircut



A handy tool to emphasize the structure of the hair and create clear individual strands. Before application, the paste should be heated well in your hands, and then apply a small amount to each strand.

As a bonus, the paste has a beautiful matte effect.



Wax is the most suitable for unruly hair. It will make your hair more manageable, but it won't stick together. Wax can be used on both wet and dry hair.



The most suitable option for the 'bangs up' style. Gel is the best way to fix the style, but for natural look choose gels with a matte effect.



 Powder is suitable for thin hair, it helps to create the necessary root volume. Powder should be applied to dry hair, after which you should rub the hair with your fingers.


Liquid paste


This product is best applied to wet hair. They will also give volume and divide the strands, creating the effect of slight .

This haircut can make your look more striking and even highlight your personality traits. The key is to choose the style that suits you best. By using different styling methods, you can also experiment with your appearance without making drastic changes.

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